Selenium Testing

Selenium it is an automatic testing web-based application. Here we learn writing test cases, use cases, Selenium web driver API, selenium IDE, Usage of selenium.

Objectives of the Course

  • Java-based Test Script Development
  • Hands-on Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and Selenium Web driver
  • Selenium architecture and Related Components
Professor Experience
Ravi Krishna 10 Years+
Sudha Rani 15 Years+
Kishore Varma 10 Years+


Module 1: Selenium Components & Object Identification

Automation Testing Overview &Process

Types of Automation tools

Test Automation Fundamentals

Automation Testing Tools

Selenium Components

Object Identification/Locators

Module 2: Core Java

About Eclipse

Language Fundamentals

Conditional Statements

Loop Statement

Packages, Classes and Objects

Module 3: WebDriver with Project Testing

Basic Selenium / Web Driver

Alerts, Frames, Windows

Dropdown, WebTablepage back commands



Robot Class, Mouse Events

JavaScript Executer in Web driver

Working with Excel

Module 4: Framework Design & Implementation from Scratch

Automation Framework Implementation

TestNG and Junit in Selenium

Advanced TestNG concepts

Module 5: Integration of Third-party Tools in Framework


Jenkins Integration

Git Hub Integration


Cucumber Tool with Web Driver


Design Pattern

Sikuli/Auto it Tool for handling windows

Selenium Grid

Module 6: Fundamentals on RESTFULL service in Java

Introduction to Web Services

Protocol used in web services

Components of Web Services

RESTful API Response Code

Commonly used REST API HTTP methods

Sample program to run API

Manual Testing

Module 2: Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC

SDLC Phases

SDLC Models

Waterfall Model

V Model

Spiral Model

RAD Model

Agile Model

Agile Vs Waterfall Model

Agile Project Management Tools




Agile Process Concepts

Module 1: Software Testing Fundamentals

Introduction to Software Testing

Software Development Process

What is Software & Software Testing

Define QA Process

History of Software Testing

Objective of Testing

Software Testing Scope

Why Testing Required

Definition, Basics & Types

Software Testing as a Career Path(Skills, Salary, Growth)

Why Software has Defects

Services based Vs Product Based Companies

What is Software Quality

What is Quality Assurance

Why Testing cannot ensure Quality

Diff b/w QA & Testing

Testing Roles & Responsibilities

Software Testing Methods

Module 3: Software Testing Life Cycle – STLC

Understanding the requirements

Test Plan Preparation

Module 4: Test Engineer Responsibilities

Creation and working with Folder Structure

Test Scenarios

Test Cases

Test Case Design Techniques

Methods Of Testing

Software Testing Types

User Acceptance Testing

Test Execution

Module 5: Defect management

Test/Project management Tool: JIRA

Status Reports Process

Test Closure

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